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The beauty of Nice and its views is comparable only to Monaco. But Monaco is expensive for photo shoots and tourism, so many choose an equally impressionable alternative. Yes, that’s Nice.

In addition to the best photo spots in Nice, the city is valued for its excellent climate and chic restaurants where you can eat deliciously and relax. Nice offers many opportunities and ideas for capturing happy and memorable moments. Let’s get to know them together.

Seafront and Beaches: Best Photo Spots in Nice France

The brightest and most vibrant photographs that personify the whole of Nice are those taken near the water. The most famous embankment in Nice is a luxurious seaside promenade that takes its name from its English emigrant patrons – the English Embankment. The 4 km long dam stretches along the Bay of Angels, which opens up opportunities for thousands of photographs from different angles, with different exposure and history.

If you want to add photographs from Nice to your collection, it is best to do so in the summer, when the sun creates an artificial but ideal light source for photographers. However, they will tell you about this more than once.

Port Limpia

But the English Embankment is very crowded with tourists, especially in summer, so we recommend paying attention to another place – Port Limpia. In truth, the embankment here is even better than many other photo spots in ice France, which makes it unique. What also makes it special is that you can get there by passing through an equally beautiful park with unusual flowers and trees. This place is two in one for a professional photographer, choosing the right moment for a photo.This location provides a rich backdrop for photographers like Julia Litvin, who specialize in capturing stunning moments. Her expertise in Paris Proposal Photography can bring out the beauty of Port Limpia in every shot.

Ponchet Beach

Beaches are the most instagrammable places in Nice, and Poncet is no exception. But don’t think that crowds of people will always be there. Wait until sunset, and you will realize that photos of Ponchet Beach with the water in the background illuminated by the orange sun are definitely missing from your album. The sunrise is no less beautiful, but spending it in another place is better.

La Reserve Beach

La Réserve, unlike the other listed best photo spots in Nice France, will be a little extreme, but if you are careful, you will get the best frames of your life. Don’t worry, there is nothing criminal or mega-dangerous here. This is an ordinary beach with several high old diving boards on a large rock. It is forbidden to jump from there, but that is not what you come there for.

As a result, photos taken on a lonely rock at the bottom of which the azure and mysterious water make La Réserve one of the most instagrammable places in Nice. Even just watching the sunrise here will be brilliant. But we remind you once again that you should be safe and not take risks, no matter how beautiful the photo will be.

Streets of Nice

Like many cities in France, Nice did not change its architecture to modern standards and retained the spirit of the past. This makes every alley, small area, or market an ideal choice for photography. But there are still a number of places that photographers value most and always recommend for a photo shoot.For those seeking to capture the essence of Nice’s streets, Julia Litvin’s photography services in Nice, France, provide an excellent opportunity to preserve these timeless scenes.

Old Nice

For many, this place is a temple of culture and authentic France. This is probably why there are a lot of tourists and those looking for the best photo spots in Nice. In addition, if you like photos near cultural and historical buildings, then in Old Nice, there are a lot of them: 

  • The Cathedral of Saint Reparata,
  • The Chapel of Mercy, 
  • The Lascari Palace XVII,
  • The Cathedral of St. Nicholas, and many more.

The layout of the old town has not changed much since the 17th century but with the addition of colorful restaurants from French comedies, restaurants with facades ideal for selfies and full-length photos. Cours Saleya remains unchanged, but many people are there, so the photographer must try hard to take a good photo.

Place du Palais

A street that creates dissonance in people’s heads. Many people know that the French and Italians often argue with each other on different topics and have different views on life. Despite this, Place du Palais references the Italian style (“à l’italienne”), which is a pretty good place for photography. Combining competing cultures and charm creates unique emotions and ambience in every frame.

Place Massena

The last of the best photo spots in Nice, France, in terms of streets, is Place Massena. Like Place du Palais, it is also a combination of contradictory things: 19th-century buildings and modern design of facades and streets. It contains various compositions in the pop art style and figures of people from different continents. During the day, this is a fairly bright square that illuminates the culture and past of France, and in the evening, the neon signs, bright lanterns, and the Sun Fountain light up.Capturing the dynamic energy of Place Massena is something Julia Litvin excels at, as seen in her couple photoshoots in Paris.

Garibaldi Square

Place Garibaldi in Nice is the oldest architectural structure. Residents consider this place a symbol of the city, so missing a photo taken at such a place would be a mistake and disrespectful to the city. It is located in Old Nice and has many houses in yellow, so you can choose outfits in the same colour for photos here.

Natural Zones and Photo Spots in Nice

Do not bypass various parks, nature reserves, and green areas. The authorities of Nice are very sensitive to everything related to nature, so such places are considered the best for photos demonstrating the connection between people and fauna.

Castle and Roman Hills

Castle и Roman Hills are like two brothers, yin-yang, and the most difficult choice for those looking for the best photo spots in Nice. Why? There are several reasons for this.

At the top of Castle Hill, you can admire Modern Nice. A panoramic view of the city, port, ships, and azure water will create the perfect photo for couples photography and Instagram stories. Another natural wonder, the Roman Hill, is near this place. At the top, you will find abundant flowers and stunning panoramas, old town, the port, and the Provençal Hills all the way to the Alps. You literally find yourself in the opposite world for the photo: there you are inside modern Nice, and here you are in the atmosphere of the old city, where the vector of attention is directed to nature and mountains. So don’t miss the opportunity and go there immediately upon arrival.

Phoenix Park

Do you think parks are boring and you won’t surprise anyone with photos from there? Yes, there is logic in this, and the photos in the park are not the most interesting and exciting. But Phoenix, in this case, is an exception to the rule. Firstly, there are not many people here, and secondly, the park is very large (more than 7 hectares), which made it possible to divide it into 12 sections. Each zone has its own theme: 

  • Tropical greenhouse;
  • Zoo;
  • Regular farm;
  • Climbing area;
  • Botanical garden, etc.

It will be quite challenging to cover everything in 1 day, but Phoenix Park is more diverse and unlimited in ideas for photo shoots in different styles and locations.For capturing the unique charm of Phoenix Park, Julia Litvin’s Paris elopement photography services can provide a range of creative options.

Final Thoughts

Having visited Nice for the first time, many people notice shades of Italian culture and forget they are in France. In our opinion, this is a unique phenomenon, so you need to start searching for the best photo spots in Nice in advance not to miss all the most important things and why the city is loved by locals and those who adore photography.


Concluding our journey through Nice, it’s clear that this beautiful city has something special for everyone. Whether it’s the lively seafronts, the quaint streets, the peaceful parks, or the historic hills, each spot in Nice is a backdrop waiting to capture your unique moments and memories. For couples looking to immortalize their moments in this captivating city, our bespoke couple photography services are the perfect choice. Our experienced photographer can guide you through these stunning locales, ensuring your photos capture not just the scenery but the emotions and essence of your relationship. Visit our ‘Book Now’ page to schedule your photoshoot and experience the magic of Nice through the expert lens of our photographer, making your photos even more special and memorable.

Embrace the opportunity to create unforgettable memories in Nice


  • Where are the best photo spots in Nice France?

    In truth, they are everywhere. But the best are Ponchet Beach, Place du Palais, Garibaldi Square and two famous hills.

  • When is the lowest number of tourists in Nice?

    Between July and September, the beach season peaks in terms of tourist numbers. So, after this season, the number of tourists and crowds decreased significantly.

  • How much does a photoshoot in Nice cost on average?

    The average price varies from €150 to €350. This price includes a fixed number of finished photos. The price may increase depending on the complexity of the locations and your ideas for photos.

  • Can I choose locations and propose ideas myself?

    Yes. A professional photographer will only advise you on how to implement certain ideas properly. Since these are your photos, you get what you want.

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