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Welcome to LitvinPhoto, led by Julia Litvin. We specialize in capturing beautiful moments in the heart of Paris. Our range of services is designed to suit different occasions and needs.

Why Choose Paris for Your Next Photoshoot

Paris is magical. Its romantic ambiance, iconic landmarks, and charming streets make it a dream location for photoshoots. Whether celebrating love, family, or individual milestones, Paris provides a perfect backdrop.

Capturing Authentic Moments in the City of Love

We love what we do and it shows in our work. Every photoshoot is an opportunity to capture real, heartfelt moments against the beautiful canvas of Paris. It’s about telling your story through candid shots and memorable portraits.

Paris Photoshoot Packages and Pricing

Paris Proposal Photographer

Proposal Photography

When you kneel down to ask that pivotal question, we’ll be there to capture the gasps, the tears, and the joy. Relive that magical moment with stunning proposal photographs

Stale Paris wedding photo shoot

Wedding Photography

Say ‘I do’ against the captivating scenes of Paris. From the vows to the dance, we ensure every golden moment of your wedding is immortalized.

Engagement Luxury Photography in Paris

Engagement Photography

Celebrate the spark between you two with heartfelt moments captured forever. As you embark on a lifetime journey together, let every laugh, glance, and embrace tell your unique love story.

Paris Vacation Photographer

Paris Vacation Photographer

Embark on a Parisian adventure and let us capture every joyful discovery and magical moment. With our vacation photography, you’ll have stunning mementos of your Parisian holiday to treasure forever.

Same-sex Photoshooting in Paris

Same-sex Photoshooting in Paris

Celebrate your love and unity with a same-sex photoshoot in the heart of Paris, brought to you by Litvin Photo. Perfect for capturing anniversaries, romantic getaways, or simply beautiful moments together.

Flying Dress Photoshoot in Paris

Flying Dress Photoshoot in Paris

Feel like royalty with our Flying Dress photo shoot. Slip into a gorgeous, flowing dress and let us capture you looking like a princess. It’s a fun, glamorous experience that’ll make your photos truly special.

Tips for a Successful Paris Photo Shoot

Preparation: Talk to us about your vision, we’re here to make it come to life.

Outfit Choices: Pick outfits that you feel great in. We also offer dress rentals for that perfect look.

Timing: Early morning or late afternoon provides beautiful natural light for your daytime photos. For nighttime photos you can schedule photoshoot for one hour after susnet.

Book Your Paris Photoshoot Today and Create Timeless Memories

Ready to capture beautiful memories in Paris? Get in touch to book your photoshoot today. We’re excited to work with you and create something beautiful together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a photoshoot cost in Paris?

Our prices vary based on the type of shoot and duration. Contact us for detailed pricing.

What outfit to wear for a photoshoot?

Wear something you feel good in, or take advantage of our dress rental service for a stunning look.

Where can I take a photoshoot in Paris?

The whole city is your canvas! Popular spots include the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, and the charming streets of Le Marais. We’re also here to suggest some hidden gems around Paris.