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If you are looking to hire a photographer in Paris for a celebration, weddings, elopements, a honeymoon photoshoot, or a brilliant engagement session on the banks of the Seine, or a family portrait in front of Notre Dame, Litvinphoto will make sure your memories are beautiful.

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About Me

About me

My name is Julia. I have been working as a professional photographer for five years. Photography, for me, is one of the ways to feel this world, understand it and accept it.

My motto is “If photography, then only for love.” And I sincerely love my work, giving it all the fibers of my soul.

Only a photograph can record the passing moments of all that man has created. And even if something has escaped your memory forever, a photo can take you back to when you were happy, laughing, thinking about something, or feeling a little sad. After all, it keeps feelings and emotions in the frame and makes it possible to feel them again. That is why I am so attracted to the art of photography.

I always catch naturalness, freedom, fullness, life at the moment, brightness, and light in the frame. I like photographs that reflect people’s moods, thoughts, and, feelings. If you love, all the same, I think we will understand each other.

Professional Photography Rates and Packages in Paris

Paris Proposal Photographer

Proposal Photography

When you kneel down to ask that pivotal question, we'll be there to capture the gasps, the tears, and the joy. Relive that magical moment with stunning proposal photographs

Stale Paris wedding photo shoot

Wedding Photography

Say 'I do' against the captivating scenes of Paris. From the vows to the dance, we ensure every golden moment of your wedding is immortalized.

Engagement Luxury Photography in Paris

Engagement Photography

Celebrate the spark between you two with heartfelt moments captured forever. As you embark on a lifetime journey together, let every laugh, glance, and embrace tell your unique love story.

Paris Vacation Photographer

Paris Vacation Photographer

Embark on a Parisian adventure and let us capture every joyful discovery and magical moment. With our vacation photography, you'll have stunning mementos of your Parisian holiday to treasure forever.

Family photo session standard package

Family Photography

From giggles to tender moments, capture your family's essence against Paris's enchanting backdrop. Memories to cherish for lifetimes

Same-sex Photoshooting in Paris

Same-sex Photoshooting in Paris

Celebrate your love and unity with a same-sex photoshoot in the heart of Paris, brought to you by Litvin Photo. Perfect for capturing anniversaries, romantic getaways, or simply beautiful moments together.

Paris Boudoir Photoshoot

Paris Boudoir Photoshoot

Embrace elegance and sensuality with a Paris boudoir photo shoot. Experience a private, empowering session that beautifully captures your confidence and grace.

Flying Dress Photoshoot in Paris

Flying Dress Photoshoot in Paris

Feel like royalty with our Flying Dress photo shoot. Slip into a gorgeous, flowing dress and let us capture you looking like a princess. It’s a fun, glamorous experience that’ll make your photos truly special.

How to work with me


Get acquinted

Do you like my portfolio and would like to discuss your shoot further? Then it's time to get to know each other and talk it over! As photographers in Paris for tourists we communicate through a convenient way: instant messengers, phone or mail. We agree the date and time of the shooting, approve the cost


Advance payment

In order to ensure that we have all of our bases covered, you will make a 25% prepayment for the project. This way when it comes time to take photos or film your big day with us there's no chance anything gets left out!


Book a location

We discuss and approve the place of our photoshoot. After all the allegations - book a studio or another selected location for the required time



On the agreed date, and time you will be met by one of our team and then take a photo. Your goal at this stage is to relax and enjoy the shooting. Forget about being shy and embarrassed. It's this approach that will help you get stunning and lively photos.



During the discused time, the entire photo material is carefully selected, color corrected, processed and optimized in size


Transfer photo

After editing, a link to the ready photos is send to you. If you wish, I can create a colorful photo album from the resulting photos.

My advantages

Work Expirience

Work Experience

We're a team of experienced professional photographers in Paris, France, who have worked for more than five years. During this time, we've acquired the most valuable skills in capturing images from various conditions and places – you can be sure that your photo session will yield great results!

Affordable price for photoshooting in Paris Book Fall

Affordable Prices

Whether you're a tourist or living in Paris, our photography services will help capture the true spirit of your experience. We offer affordable and accessible packages for everyone who visits!

Smiling Smile Smils

Real Emotions

We always strive to capture genuine emotion and real feelings. We focus on essential details, sights, and strengths.

High Speed

High speed

I don't like when people wait two months for their photos. We strive for 1-2 weeks to complete the order without loss of quality of the pictures.

Quickly Processing In Photoshooting France Paris Eiffel Tower

Quality edit

You will receive only high quality edited pictures. All photos are deeply processed before they are transferred to customers: selection, cropping, color correction. And retouching as additional option.

High quality

With the help of modern and professional technology and, of course, talent, I succeed in really bright and juicy pictures.

Reviews about me

My clients are always happy with the results

Laura & Patrick

Laura & Patrick

An excellent way to explore the beauty of Paris and bring the memories home. Julia is an absolute professional, she took us around the city like a local Parisian photographer, knowing the perfect vantage points for stunning shots of Paris landmarks all while putting his subjects at ease and coaxing out beautiful photos. My boyfriend is not typically a fan of having his photo taken but Julia was patient and full of ideas which made it a fun experience for the both of us. Highly recommend!

James & Kate

James & Kate

Excellent work and fantastic experience! Started with a smooth booking experience even during peak season before the new year, hiring a photographer in Paris went like clockwork. It was easy, with no availability issues. Then came the day we were supposed to meet at the bridge, but it was raining. I contacted Julia asking if we could reschedule. She was very accommodating and suggested a time the next day. The photos came out to be just spectacular! Julia was very professional and gave some poses, making the experience even more enjoyable. Thanks for the fantastic images.

I would highly recommend it!

Robert & Emily

Robert & Emily

Taking photos with Julia beneath the Eiffel Tower was incredible. She made us feel at ease right away, turning our nerves into excitement. The Tower at night was the perfect romantic setting. Every photo shows our genuine happiness, making that night in Paris a memory we’ll always cherish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right professional photographer in Paris for my occasion?

Finding the right photographer is about more than just taking pictures. It’s about finding someone who can capture feelings and stories. Check out our various portfolio to feel the way we work. It’s not just about liking what you see; it’s about feeling connected. Your comfort with us is important—we want every moment in front of the camera to feel natural and real.


How to choose a photographer for a holiday?

Any holiday cannot be repeated again, and therefore a photographer must be chosen wisely.

First of all, it is best to refer to the portfolio of a photography master. The style of all his work should inspire you, not just suit your preferences. Answer yourself to the question: Do you dream of the same bright and high-quality photos? If so, feel free to make an appointment.

In addition to the quality of the photo, personal communication with the photographer is important. After all, during a photo session, you should be comfortable with him. As the saying goes, you must be on the same page with him.

How much do my services cost?

We’ve set our prices to be as clear as the sky in Paris. No hidden fees—just simple packages for different needs. Quality, honesty, and value are what guide our prices, all detailed on our “Services” page.

We will be at the photo session for the first time. Can you tell us where to look and what poses to take?

Of course, I always talk to my clients when taking pictures. I tell them how to get up, what to do, where to look. While doing this, I have a casual conversation so that clients are not constrained. Thus, the photos are of high quality and natural.

How long before the estimated date of shooting do you need to sign up for it?

The sooner you decide to sign up for a shoot, the more likely it is that I will find the time for it. Of course, some are signing up for tomorrow, and even today. However, the most optimal time is 14 days.

Do I need to make an advance payment?

Yes, I only work on a prepaid basis. To make sure both of us commit and stick to the plan, we ask for a 20% deposit. This secures your spot on our schedule, allowing us to carefully prepare for your unique shoot.

Are all photographs taken during the shoot being processed?

I add color correction to all my good shots. I subject the best and high-quality photos to deep and detailed processing.

In what format do you deliver photos to clients?

It all depends on the preferences of the client himself and the type of shooting. If you can get the pictures over the Internet, I will send you a link to Google Drive or send them in Telegram with a photo in jpeg format. All wedding photos I give on a beautifully designed flash card, which is beautifully engraved.

How many total photos can you get as a result?

The minimum number of pictures taken during one photo session is 40. As a rule, their average number varies from 40-70 frames. In wedding photography, of course, there will be many more.

Do you give your clients raw photographs (originals)?

No, I only upload color-corrected and retouched images to digital media or Google Drive.

Will my photos or photos of my family be included in your portfolio?

Yes, I post some of my favorite pictures on my website in thePortfolio section  . However, I never do this without the permission of the clients.

How long after shooting do you give your photos to clients?

It all depends on the agreement with the client and the type of shooting. Usually I give ready-made pictures from family, love story and individual photo sessions in 7-14 days. If we are talking about wedding photography and a photo album, then you will have to wait about a month.

What equipment do you use for work?

I use a professional Canon EOS R camera and a variety of lenses.

How long have you been doing photography?

As an amateur, I have been doing photography since the age of 14. But as a professional who takes money for his work – since 2018.

Do you know good photo studios in Paris?

Yes, I know  Paris photo studios with interesting designs. If you need shots in them, I am happy to recommend you proven places in which I often shoot.

Do you conduct outdoor photo sessions?

Yes, I can go anywhere in the city of Paris and shoot where the client prefers. If you want to shoot outside of Paris, then I take additional transport costs.

Do I conclude a contract with clients for my work?

No, usually, we do not sign a contract for regular types of photography with clients. The only exception is a wedding photo session. But if you want to have a contract for your photoshoot – just tell us it in conversation.