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Black and white Paris is a classic of the art of photography. This is not just a picture in two basic tones but a whole theater play, the main details of which are revealed gradually and become different with each glance. Obviously, black and white engagement photos are very popular for couples. The reason for this is many ideas, some of which you will learn about in this article.

Vivid Emotions on Black and White Streets of Paris

Black and white romance photography Paris is most effective when it concentrates the viewer’s attention on real emotion, emphasizing the rich texture and so on. At the same time, despite its lack of color in general, Paris is ideal for capturing moments. Open locations allow the photographer and the main “actors” to move freely, so the photos are in different places and under different shadows or light. Old hotels, historic and curious houses, beautiful facades, beautiful doors, beautiful wood trim, door knockers, and old fountains are just a list of locations ideal for street photo moments.Capturing these locations in black and white adds a timeless quality, making each photograph a piece of art. Working with a professional like Julia Litvin, known for her Paris Portrait Photography, can truly bring these street scenes to life.

Paris Black and White Photo by the Water

Sea beaches, river banks, boat trips – an ideal way for astonishing black and white romance photography Paris on warm days. Black and white photographs allow you to convey the texture of water and use contrast while creating exciting shots. In this case, the variety of poses, scenes, and emotions will depend more on the couple since, unlike street locations, you can (and, frankly speaking, should) get your feet wet here.The best water spots in Paris for black and white photos:

  1. Voie Georges Pompidou.
  2. Basin de la Villette.
  3. Near the Eiffel Tower.
  4. Plage de Dieppe.

This idea is a little more challenging to implement than the previous one since there are always tons of tourists on the beaches and near the water. But if you get there before the location gets crowded, you’ll also get the perfect black and white sunrise photos.Julia Litvin’s expertise in Eiffel Tower photoshoots can also be invaluable in these locations.

Eiffel Tower

Of course, we couldn’t miss the pearl of the city and the most desirable place for a black and white photography couple in Paris. At the moment the camera clicks, one second, at the “decisive moment,” only a couple of lovers and the Eiffel Tower remain, throwing aside the mainstream and banality. The Eiffel Tower proposal is a classic of romantic cinema, which can be easily brought to life and captured in black and white photography.

Paris itself and black and white photography Paris are different, and the photographer’s task is to show this. And the best “friend” in this case will be the famous landmark of Paris.

Cafes and Restaurants

Not only beautiful but also delicious. The advantage of Paris is also that there are a lot of places with beautiful designs inside cafes and restaurants, as well as a varied façade. Here, it is worth paying tribute to tourism since, thanks to it, and the owners fill their places with the atmosphere for the perfect Paris France black and white photography. You can choose anything from a cozy home coffee shop with a cappuccino or a more gallant restaurant with Chianti. Local, less crowded places are ideal for this idea, allowing the couple to be more open and relaxed.Consider Julia Litvin’s Paris portrait photography services, which can add a professional touch to your images.

Benefits of Black & White Photography Paris

You don’t need anything extra in black and white photographs. Losing color helps to get a deeper feel from the photo so that nothing interferes with your feelings when you look at it and are inspired by it. From a technical point of view, color is one of the elements of composition.

  • Paris black and white photography will more successfully create visual abstraction than color. Good black and white photography isn’t about removing colors; it’s about contrast and range of tones and how they relate to the composition.
  • Black and white photographs with deep blacks and pure whites and a variety of shades of gray are eye-catching, drawing the viewer in, as mentioned earlier. 

Moreover, black and white photos “shine” much brighter among color ones, especially in wedding albums or Instagram.

The Bottom Line

Photography in Paris is the perfect solution to capture a couple’s happy moments. The city attracts not only newlyweds but also tourists, making filming and finding locations quite difficult. Therefore, it is best to get acquainted with professional photographers in advance who will open Paris from a completely different angle.Julia Litvin, with her artistic vision and experience, can help capture these moments in a unique and memorable way, ensuring your black and white photos of Paris are not just images but treasured memories.


In conclusion, exploring Paris through the lens of black and white photography offers a unique and timeless way to capture the city’s romantic essence. Whether it’s the serene banks of the Seine, the iconic Eiffel Tower, or the charming cafes and restaurants, each black and white photo tells a story of love and elegance. For couples looking to immortalize their Parisian adventure, consider our specialized couple photography services. By booking a photoshoot with our skilled photographer, you can ensure that these moments are not just captured, but transformed into breathtaking works of art. Visit our ‘Book Now’ page to begin your journey into the heart of Paris with photography that goes beyond the ordinary.


  • How long will it take to take photos in Paris?

    It all depends on the locations, plots, and client preferences. You will tell all this to the photographer, who will draw up a schedule with all the timelines and will be in touch.

  • Can black and white photographs be edited?

    The photographer always improves the existing fragment by working with the elements and emphasizing the details that remain in the “shadow.”

  • When can I see the result?

    Regardless of the size and number of photos, you will receive unedited photos within the first 24 hours. After this, the finished and edited pictures will be sent to you gradually or all at once.

  • Is it possible to get color photos in addition to black and white photos?

    Yes. Initially, the photographs are already in color and are made black using graphic editors.

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