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Capture your unforgettable moments in the City of Love with our expert photography team, specializing in creating stunning visuals beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower. Whether it’s a romantic proposal, a dreamy honeymoon shoot, a joyous family gathering, or a glamorous solo portrait, our skilled photographers will weave their magic to preserve your memories against the breathtaking backdrop of Paris’ most famous landmark. Trust Litvinphoto to deliver exquisite images that speak volumes about your love story and make your cherished moments in Paris genuinely timeless.

Eiffel Tower Photographer Price


  • Advice on how to prepare for the photo shoot, help in choosing a location and clothing for all participants
  • 1 hour of shooting
  • Editing of all successful photos (~60-80pcs): author's editing , color correction, cropping
  • Ready photos within 14 days
400 €
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  • Advice on how to prepare for the photo shoot, help in choosing a location and clothing for all participants
  • 2 hours of shooting
  • Editing of all successful photos (~120-140 pcs): author's editing , color correction, cropping
  • Ready photos in 10 days
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  • Advice on how to prepare for the photo shoot, help in choosing a location and clothing for all participants
  • 3 hours of shooting
  • Editing of all successful photos (~180-200 pcs): author's editing, color correction, cropping
  • Ready photos in 7 days
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    Dress rental

    150 €

    Rent a dress for your photo shoot for 1 hour. More information, and a selection of dresses on the page

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    Makeup & Hairstyle

    250 €

    Our Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist will create a bright and unique image for any shoot. The purpose of having your hair & makeup professionally styled for your shoot isn’t to make you look like someone you’re not - it’s all about highlighting your natural beauty, providing you with a camera-ready look, and giving you that extra little confidence boost right before your shoot.

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    Express photo delivery

    150 €

    Fast editing within 3 days

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    Bouquet of flowers

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    Elevate your photo session with our exquisite Parisian Floral Bouquets, handpicked and arranged by local florists.

Eiffel Tower Photographer: Your Best Moments in Paris with a Professional Camera

When thinking about taking pictures in Paris, the Eiffel Tower photo shoot is the first thing that comes to mind. If you are just about to visit one of the most famous romantic cities in the world or are already in it, you should do a shoot near one of the most popular landmarks. But in this situation, the question arises of who can be entrusted with the shooting. A professional Eiffel Tower photographer will solve this problem; you only need to contact me. You can be sure that you will get high-quality pictures in paper or virtual format, which you will want to show others.

Give yourself an exclusive photo shoot against the legendary tower! I’m waiting for your call so we can discuss the details.

Photoshoot near Eiffel Tower: the Best Locations

A Paris Eiffel Tower photo shoot is a much more diffuse notion that does not imply just one location. In reality, several different beautiful locations can be used to create beautiful shots. Some of the most popular options include the following:

  1. Trocadero. It is one of the most popular locations with a great view of the Eiffel Tower.
  2. After the Trocadero, it is the next most popular location. You can enjoy the view of the tower from a beautiful bridge from various angles. It is worth noting that the bridge has a balcony with a view of the landmark, which is excellent for taking pictures.
  3. View of the tower from the river bank. Between the Beer Hackheim Bridge and Place du Trocadero is a beautiful stretch of the banks of the Seine. It provides an excellent view of the tower at a relatively short distance. It’s also relatively quiet, so there aren’t too many people to spoil the photo.
  4. View of the tower from the street. There are several streets in this area of Paris where you can get a great view of the landmark. At the same time, you will take several pictures at once – with a background in the form of the tower, as well as a typical Parisian street with its lampposts and amazing architecture.
  5. Alexander III Bridge. The presented location is also suitable if you want to take great photos.

An experienced professional Paris Eiffel Tower photographer will help you choose the best location for your photos. Applying to me, you cannot doubt that the Eiffel Tower photo shoot will be held properly and you will get high-quality pictures.

What Kind of Photography Shoots Near the Eiffel Tower?

Paris Eiffel Tower photography is appropriate in any situation. It’s a location where you can capture photos of various categories of people and different life events:

  • couple – a sweet romantic shot of two lovers in the most popular location in the city of love;
  • family – touching family photos that will capture strong family relationships and take the place of honor in the family album;
  • proposal hotography – taking pictures of one of the most important events in life at the location that is most popular among people in love;
  • solo photo shoot – a portrait photo will look great in this location. You can appear in a romantic or more original and interesting image.

For the shoot to be exactly as it should be, and you’ll get high-quality photos, you should turn to a professional photographer of the Eiffel Tower. If you have no concept or idea, you have yet to choose the images. It’s no problem. I will be happy to help you with this. If you want a great shot at one of the most popular locations in Paris, contact me in any convenient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to take pictures near the Eiffel Tower?

Photos at the location are great in any season. The timing depends on what you have in mind. We can discuss these details individually.

What is the best time of day to get the photos?

If you want to get great shots of the Eiffel Tower, the best time is sunrise and morning because the location is quite popular with tourists and locals. But it depends on where and when you want to take pictures.

Are you doing an evening photo shoot?

Of course, you are. If you want colorful photos of the Eiffel Tower or night shots when it is sparkling, we can make it with no problem.

How long does the photo shoot take?

It all depends on how many images you want and whether you want to change locations near the Eiffel Tower. It’s best to book a photographer for at least 2 hours to get more shots on different sites.

Do you help select images and ideas for the photo shoot?

No problem. If you need professional help planning your shoot, you can count on it.

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