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The French Riviera, popularly called the Cote d’Azur, stretches 300 km along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The mountains are located along the coast, cut by bays, which creates a pleasant climate. It has mild, warm winters and mild summers. In this region, you can expect about 300 sunny days a year. Avid travelers and lovers of beauty are recommended to visit the most photogenic pearls of this area photo location, the French Riviera. Some were created by Mother Nature, and others combined human ingenuity and fauna.

Le Nomade au Bastion St Jaume

Take a picture of the combination of past and present in this place. Until the 17th century, a fortified tower was here, which later served as the Bastion shipyard. Since 1985 – a tourist destination with history. Today, there is a sculpture by the Catalan master Jaume Plains. The artist created a large human figure, assembled from letters, looking at the open sea. The nomad is a sculpture full of the philosophy of movement towards openness of communication, liberation of thought, and destruction of binding shells of existence.Julia Litvin’s photography services in Monaco can help you capture the essence of this unique sculpture and its surroundings.

Promenade des Anglais

The English Promenade has the title of the most famous promenade in the world for walking and taking French Riviera photos. It offers a beautiful view of the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. The embankment symbolizes Nice as one of this city’s main architectural and cultural monuments.

Paillon Promenade

The Promenade du Paillon combines a park area and a promenade along the river. Wide avenues, green lawns, various plants, and fountains will fall into the photographer’s frame. Also, here, you can join the cultural component of the country. 

Castle Hillс

An interesting natural phenomenon. A high natural elevation is located in the middle of Nice. It’s a popular place among tourists and photographers precisely because of the panoramic views of the Cote d’Azur, the Mediterranean Sea, and the mountainous landscape around Nice. A fortress was once built here. Although it is now in ruins, you can still see how magnificent it was. There are also gardens, small ponds, and fountains.To capture the majestic beauty of this historical site, consider Julia Litvin’s photographer services in Nice, France, ensuring you get the perfect shot of this iconic location.

La Tête De Chien – Dog’s Head

La Tête De Chien is perhaps these regions’ most famous natural sight. A rocky promontory in the shape of a dog’s head near the village of La Turby with its fortress. Being at an altitude of 550 meters, you can see the Principality of Monaco and a great view of the Grand Corniche Road and Cap Ferrat. Photographers can take pictures thanks to the mirror-like surface of the water, which you can walk on, and the unparalleled fountain. 

Antibes Bay 

The bay near the city of Antibes is recognized as one of the most beautiful places on the French Riviera. Lovely landscapes, green forests, and mountain peaks surround the Bay of Antibes. Nearby are historical cities with ancient fortresses, old streets, and museums. You can enjoy the beauty and take pictures during short walks, hikes, or on a sailboat in the bay.To fully capture the splendor of Antibes Bay, Julia Litvin’s Cannes photographer services can provide you with stunning images that reflect the area’s natural and historical beauty.

Lake Saint-Cassien 

The human-made beauty of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur ares. Built as a reservoir, Lake Saint-Cassien is known for its beauty and appeal. An ideal place to photograph in different seasons:

  • Autumn – mysterious fog
  • Winter – cold France
  • Spring – bright sunrise
  • Summer – hot and incredible nature

By shooting from a height, you can cover the lake, its coastline, and the surrounding natural landscapes.

Petit Gaou 

The small island near the town of Sanary-sur-Mer is known for its natural beauty, clean beaches, and excellent conditions for rest and recreation. A phenomenon called a breaking wave is associated with this place. The waves on these places on the water of the French Riviera are quite large and strong, so they are described as “stormy” or “destructive.” Big waves, especially during storms or weather anomalies, hit the shore hard. This spectacular phenomenon attracts the attention of photographers interested in natural phenomena and marine scenes.

Thoronet Abbey

The building in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is popular for its architectural simplicity and austerity, which were characteristic of Cistercian monasteries. Thoronet Abbey has been preserved in its original form due to the texture of the stone. The white limestone and the spaces of the monastery create a certain atmosphere. This is a popular place among tourists, so taking photos in the morning is better.For capturing the austere beauty of Thoronet Abbey, Julia Litvin’s photography services offer the expertise to highlight its unique architectural features.

The Square Head

A famous tourist attraction in the city of Nice. Created in 2002 by a French architect, it serves as a platform for cultural events. The square building contains a library and museum premises. The peculiarity lies precisely in the construction and shape of the building. The square serves as an extension of the upper part of the human body from the neck.

Square in front of Monte Carlo Сasino in Monaco

Area of the embodiment of wealth and prosperity. The architectural site near the most famous casino is considered the heart of Monaco. Photogenic buildings, rare sports cars, beautifully dressed people, all this is here around the clock. All the neighboring streets feature stunning architectural designs and are home to numerous eateries and retail outlets. If you are looking for the embodiment of wealth in the French Riviera photo location, this is about this place.

Rocky Beach of Le Cap de Nice

Nice is characterized by rocky beaches. Le Cap de Nice is a popular natural location with wild beauty and rocky coasts. Due to geographical features, the beach does not have sand. Few people enjoy such a coast, and it is a great opportunity to take a photo for a few reasons:

  • almost no tourists;
  • unique natural area;
  • large space for French Riviera photo ideas;
  • photos at sunset and sunrise without anyone besides you.

Rocky Beach of Le Cap de Nice is ideal for spending time near nature and the sea in a quiet and picturesque environment.To make the most of this picturesque environment, Julia Litvin’s photography services can help you capture the essence of Le Cap de Nice, ensuring your photos reflect the rugged beauty of this part of the French Riviera.


The city is an image of luxury, natural beauty, and a sophisticated lifestyle. The resort town has a park with the most beautiful gardens in French Riviera. Nearby are breathtaking works of architecture – villas and residences of the world’s richest people. Often, the location becomes a venue for regattas and other water events. Therefore, photographers targeting rare yachts should visit this city.


Another wonder on the Cote d’Azur. The city combines the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea and mountains. Here is the famous Fort Mont Alban and the Church of St. Michael, where services are still held. Villefranche-sur-Mer is a center of historical past and a place of contemporary cultural events.

Photo Location French Riviera: Short Reminder for Tourists

The French Riviera is a place where many free tourist attractions are available. Each location mentioned has its own history, characteristics, and uniqueness. Arriving at the Cote d’Azur, a person will surely forget to convey all the beauty, at least with a photo.To ensure that every stunning detail is captured, consider working with a professional photographer like Julia Litvin, who can bring out the best in these magnificent locations.


  • When is the best time to visit the French Riviera?

    In February, a carnival takes place, which in its beauty is not inferior to the Brazilian carnival, which is suitable for bright photo sessions. Otherwise, any time can be perfect.

  • How many photos can a photographer take?

    Usually, photographs are taken in large quantities (100+), but this is the total number. The number of finished photographs varies and is discussed in advance with the photographer.

  • What are the best places on the water French Riviera?

    The best places are the beaches, including Plage de la Paloma, Baie des Anges, Catalans, and Les Marmites de la Bollène.

  • Is hiring an independent photographer or going to a photo studio better?

    It is best to contact the studio, as they often work under contract. But if you look, independent photographers are just as good as studios and can sign you up just as well (but are harder to find).

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