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Street photography in Paris is more than getting snaps in front of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is filled with so many magical nooks and crannies that provide the backdrop for all types of photos, from grunge to chic to luxury. To help you get incredible photos while in the city of love, we have prepared some amazing street photography tips and shared some of the best photography tourist spots. If you need a little professional help, Julia Litvin takes exquisite Parisian photos, including proposal snaps and portraits that look straight out of Vogue.

Secrets of Exceptional Street Photography in Paris

Paris street photography doesn’t have to be complicated. To take amazing pictures, incorporate these tips into your next shooting session:

Get Up Early To Beat The Crowds

Paris is an extremely crowded city and has one of the highest population densities in Europe. However, don’t let that deter you from getting photos without people in the background. If you get to your photo spot before 8 am, you won’t have to battle other photographers and will have the streets to yourself!

Hold Your Pose

You may feel a little silly standing in front of Arch De Triumph with the same look on your face for 5 minutes, waiting for a magical moment when there are no cars. However, trust us, the reward of snapping a picture of you alone with Paris’ most famous landmark will quickly evaporate all feelings of embarrassment.

Seize The High Ground

Sometimes no matter where you stand or what time you get to a spot, there will be people in the frame. However, there is one last trick you can try, getting the high ground. By climbing up a hill or standing on a ledge, you can position yourself so you are the only person in the picture. This trick works extremely well, taking photos of the Eiffel Tower.

Try Some Close Ups

Close Ups won’t work if you want to capture a specific Parisian landmark, but they are a great way to snap a pretty photo of yourself while also giving viewers a feel for Paris. Closeups work great in front of cafes or down little alleyways, or in front of busy intersections.

Guide to Paris Street Photography Tourist Spots

To have the best street photography Paris experience and get the perfect pictures try your luck at these fantastic tourist spots:

Rue Montorgueil

This vibrant street captures the essence of Parisian life with its charming cafes, bustling market stalls, and classic architecture. The lively atmosphere and colorful facades provide the perfect backdrop for capturing authentic street scenes and food delights.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

 As one of the world’s most famous avenues, Champs-Élysées offers tons of iconic photo opportunities and oozes sophistication with its luxury boutiques and historical landmarks. To get the best shot, try your luck during the golden hour when the Arc de Triomphe glows in the background.

Le Marais

Known for its picturesque cobblestone streets and chic boutiques, Le Marais is a photographer’s dream. Its mix of medieval and contemporary architecture, along with hidden courtyards and graffiti, offers endless opportunities for stunning pics.

Rue Cremieux

This gem is a photogenic paradise with its pastel-colored houses adorned with flowers and vines, you have no doubt seen it numerous times on Instagram. A peaceful escape from the bustling city, this charming street oozes quaint charm and offers a captivating glimpse of Parisian architecture.

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III is a masterpiece of Belle Époque design. Stretching over the Seine River, it offers stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, and the Grand Palais. Capture the romance of Paris with lovely shots of this ornate bridge against the city’s iconic landmarks.

The Bottom Line

Paris is a notoriously hard city to take photos in due to the crowds and analysis paralysis which sets in when you become overwhelmed with choice. That is why we recommend hiring a professional Parisian photographer who can ensure you get the best angle of any landmark in Paris without anyone else invading the frame.


  • What is the famous street in Paris for photos?

    The most famous street in Paris for photos is the Rue Crémieux. This gorgeous street in central Paris seems like it was made for Instagram, thanks to its lovely colorful houses, which line the narrow alley on both sides.

  • What is the most photographed street in Paris?

    The most photographed street in Paris is Rue Saint-Dominique which offers incredible views of the Eiffel Tower juxtaposed against a quintessential Parisian street. It is also an amazing place to get a taste of real Parisian life and sample some excellent bakeries.

  • How do you take good pictures in Paris?

    To take good pictures in Paris, you need to get up early and beat the crowds, seize the high ground, use Photoshop to edit people out and remember to be patient it may take a while to get the perfect shot!

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