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Paris Elopement 2023: a Modern Guide of Elopement Wedding in France

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The elopement ceremony in Paris is one of the most popular modern wedding options. It is a great idea to sneak away quietly to the most romantic city in the world to exchange wedding vows on the beautiful banks of the Seine or under the canopy of trees near the Chateau Bouffemont.
If you want everything to go like clockwork, you must take care of the most important thing – the Paris elopement photographer. This person always accompanies you at the ceremony and is responsible for wonderful memories of one of the most important events in your life.
You will make the right choice if you stop your search for Julia Litvin elopement photographer. Thanks to her professionalism and foreign experience, Julia will be able to take stunning photos and help with choosing a wardrobe, picking the right location, and much more.

Paris Elopement Packages: Pros & Cons

There seem to be no minuses in such a wonderful idea as the Paris elopement. However, not everything is clear-cut, so let’s figure it out and weigh all the pros and cons.


  • It is a budget option that can significantly improve your finances compared to a traditional wedding ceremony.
  • You don’t need to make any compromises so that absolutely everyone likes the ceremony: only you decide how and where it will be held.
  • Combining the ceremony with the honeymoon can save money, time, and organizational resources.
  • Such a ceremony is much easier to plan than an ordinary wedding.


  • Considering that Paris elopement takes place without guests, you will not have the opportunity to share the joy with those in attendance.
  • Following the traditions, you will have to arrange a party for friends and relatives after the ceremony. Of course, it goes a little against the basic concept of the run, but such are the traditions.
  • If your loved ones were counting on a traditional wedding, your elopement may be a complete surprise for them and leave negative emotions.

In any case, this is an interesting option worth considering. And after you have made up your mind, you need to proceed to the detailed planning of the event, which is described below.

Plan Your Elopement in Paris

Even if you have excellent time management and organizational skills, it will be difficult for you to cope with the elopement in Paris on your own. In this case, a wedding planner with various ideas comes to the rescue. It is a specially trained person who professionally organizes wedding celebrations. By cooperating efforts, you manage all stages of the elopement: from buying tickets to choosing a place for the ceremony. Below you can learn more about the main aspects of planning that you should pay attention to.

Choose the Wedding Date

According to statistics, the largest concentration of Paris elopement celebrations falls during the warm season. However, this does not mean that choosing the winter season will worsen your ceremony. On the contrary, during the winter, you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Christmas magic, for example, in a French castle. And yet the most popular months for a wedding ceremony in France are the following:

  • spring (May);
  • summer (June, July);
  • Autumn (September and October).

First, it is due to the warm, mild weather and great opportunities to decorate the most important day of your life. It is known that the weather in Paris is unpredictable. It is a tough task to plan everything from A to Z. If you want to minimize the influence of the weather on your ceremony, then it is better to choose the period from April to August and from September to November.

Decide on the Concept and Style

Despite the planning, the Paris elopement is still about spontaneity and freedom. Therefore, there are no clear concepts and rules. For example, you can choose the classic option, run away to the courthouse, and get married there. While the classic elopement is only for a couple, you can opt for a micro wedding. In this case, you invite a minimum number of guests from your inner circle. Also, you can choose between the ceremony in an open, crowded place or pick the “Backyard Wedding” concept. In this case, the wedding planner selects the most secluded area away from prying eyes. Anyway, reach out to Julia Litvin photographer in Paris, and get the best pictures no matter what concept you choose.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Wedding

When choosing between indoor and outdoor weddings, you must clearly understand that each type of elopement in Paris has its pros and cons. The undoubted advantage of an outdoor wedding is the stunning nature of the region, which will help you decorate the ceremony. In addition, photos with natural light always turn out to be the most beautiful. However, you may choose this option if you prefer a relaxed, light wedding atmosphere.

On the other hand, you have no control over the weather conditions, which change very quickly in Paris. Therefore, you need to mitigate the excessive humidity or heat outside. When decorating, you should always consider the year’s season and have a plan B in case of inclement weather. Also, annoying insects like mosquitoes can spoil the atmosphere.
If you decide to pick this option, you should look at Chateau Bouffemont, Shangri-la Paris, or Château de Chantilly. Make sure you hire Julia Litvin, an elopement photographer, to turn your wedding into a pure miracle.

Opting for a more traditional indoor wedding ceremony will definitely not be overwhelmed by the changeable weather. In this case, the environment is like a blank canvas for you, which you can change and decorate as you wish. Also, there will be no external factors that can distract you.
On the other hand, indoor ceremonies always have space restrictions, which must be considered when choosing the number of guests. Moreover, unlike outdoor weddings, you will have to spend more money and time on decorations. In addition, a particular building can limit your Paris elopement photographer and options for interesting angles. Also, if you choose one of the popular places, make a reservation as early as possible. You should consider The Crillon, Le Bristol, or Peninsula for indoor ceremonies.

Pick the Perfect Vendors

Once you’ve sorted out the timing, types of wedding, and venue, you’ll need to move on to more detailed preparation. At this stage, you must choose the perfect vendors, often included in Paris elopement packages.

The Photographer

Beautiful photos with well-captured moments have been the key to pleasant emotions and memories for many years. A photographer is a person who, together with the wedding planner, accompanies you throughout both the preparation and the ceremony itself. It should be a professional with the following features:

  • an excellent reputation;
  • a rich portfolio;
  • reasonable prices.

Julia Litvin can become your Paris elopement photographer. All you need to do is to visit her official site and check her Paris elopement packages.

The Officiant and Celebrant

It is one of the main points since an officiant and a celebrant are responsible for the domestic and technical aspects of the ceremony so that it goes off without a hitch. Therefore, contact them personally before hiring to check their experience, skills, etc.
If you decide to exchange rings, then think about inviting a priest. Even if you are not religious, a priest can create a certain mood and enhance the ceremony of the event. In turn, the presentation of a symbolic certificate, rituals, etc., can turn into excellent photos for your wedding album.

The Hair and Make-up Artist

It is a must-have aspect when choosing any type of wedding, including elopement in Paris. Modern professional makeup artists often have pages on popular social networks and their websites. Be sure to study their work and contact them to understand the picture as a whole.
Make sure that the hair and makeup are not just beautiful but also appropriate for the overall style and stable enough, regardless of weather conditions. Consider hiring a freelance makeup artist willing to work in a more flexible framework and provide a greater range of services.

The Videographer

Some people think that the wedding videographer duplicates the Paris elopement photographer’s work in many ways, but this is not true. Video has characteristics and opportunities to capture emotions in motion, which photography cannot. As for the choice of a suitable videographer, there are the same criteria as in the case of a photographer. You can always check out examples of work on their websites or watch some video clips on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The Florist

When choosing a florist, read the feedback from those who used her/his services and evaluate the posts on social networks. Be sure to select from several options and compare prices, as they can vary significantly. Overall, choosing the top florist has much in common with picking the best elopement photographer in Paris. Remember that the cost of a florist’s services varies depending on the year’s season.

The Musician

Musicians create the right atmosphere. Different sorts of music evoke a right gamma of emotions according to a certain moment:

  • when the bride is going to the altar,
  • when lovers exchange rings,
  • during the first wedding dance, etc.

When choosing musicians, you need to understand the concept of your wedding. The fact is that there are groups that can perform a variety of music, while others work only with a small number of genres. If possible, visit their live performances and be sure to talk in person to discuss all the nuances. There are so many offers of this service currently, so it would not be extra to carefully compare prices before ordering.

Think About Attire and Details

A wedding dress is the most important outfit at the ceremony. When choosing a dress, consider the concept of your event and the venue’s design so your Paris elopement photographer can take the best pictures. In addition, if you want to invite guests, all other people’s wedding dresses and styles must harmonize.
Price is one of the main factors limiting and expanding your choice. Instead of sorting through expensive boutiques to buy a new dress, you can just rent it at relatively reasonable prices. Such a responsible task goes much easier with a professional stylist or a wedding planner.

Making a Guest List

The guest list is important since it directly impacts the size of the place where you will hold the ceremony, the festive table, the wedding theme, etc.
Here are some useful tips on how to do it right:

  • realistically evaluate how many people you can invite;
  • take into account the total number of people and select top-tier guests;
  • limit plus ones;
  • personalize your wedding invitations and send them privately.

Considering the importance and many nuances, the work on creating a wedding guest list is one of the first. You should use the service of a wedding planner.

Pick a Transport

It is not such an important point when organizing elopement in Paris. Now, you can use Uber and other taxi services that can take anyone anywhere. At the same time, it makes sense to rent a vintage car if it suits the ceremony’s theme or the photo shoot’s style.

Get All the Details for Your Wedding

When preparing for the ceremony, do not forget about the little things and details that often complement the overall picture and create the right mood. For example, match the style of your attire and the decoration of the wedding place with the invitations that you will send out to guests. Color, texture, and even the fingerboard have meaning.

Pay attention to the stationery you will use to make signs. Pick the right tray for rings, ribbons, and other accessories. And of course, take care of the wedding cake in advance, which should reflect the festive atmosphere. When all these details come together, you will get an unforgettable experience that Julia Litvin, a photographer in Paris, will capture on camera.

Determine a Budget

It is a must-have aspect when choosing any type of wedding, including elopement in Paris. Modern professional makeup artists often have pages on popular social networks and their websites. Be sure to study their work and contact them to understand the picture as a whole.
Make sure that the hair and makeup are not just beautiful but also appropriate for the overall style and stable enough, regardless of weather conditions. Consider hiring a freelance makeup artist willing to work in a more flexible framework and provide a greater range of services.

Enjoy Every Moment or Your Elopement in Paris

A wedding is always one of the brightest and most unforgettable events. That is why it is crucial to take it as seriously as possible and do detailed planning of each stage. Don’t be afraid to spend extra money to pick the best elopement photographer in Paris or wedding planner to avoid unpleasant surprises. It can help make your wedding the best moment of your life.

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