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Paris Proposal 2023: Best Ideas and Places for an Engagement in Paris

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Proposing is tempting for both partners, but especially for a man. It is up to you to make everything perfect when you expose an engagement ring. And one of the best ways to make this an unforgettable moment is to choose a particular place and save these memories booked a Paris proposal photographer.
A romantic atmosphere is what every man should seek. And no better Paris proposal spots can come into our minds than the city of love and romance: Paris.

Every detail in this city is embraced with a warm feeling of comfort and passion. But some places facilitate just perfect conditions for the proposal.
Discover our Paris proposal ideas the best locations in the city of love to propose to your beloved: restaurants, architectural wonders, unique districts, and more! Once you finish this article, you will know what kind of place in Paris will suit your proposal plan and how to do it.

Public vs. Private Wedding Proposal in Paris

Generally, you divide Paris proposals into two categories: public and private. Those two options are very different, and everyone should decide which to choose based on their preferences. But to help you with that, we want to present you with a brief list of pros and cons for both variants.

Public Proposal

An essential advantage of the public proposal is letting your loved one know that you can confess feelings to her without worrying about social approval. Also, the surrounding crowd will most likely provide you with solid emotional support helping you to compose yourself. The crowd’s attention will make you and her feel exceptional, like the actual main characters.

The cons of public proposals are mostly related to factors out of your control. Thus, some public regulations can restrict you from making a proposal of your plans. Also, if you are proposing under the open sky, the weather (rain) can ruin an experience sometimes.

Private Proposal

Private wedding proposals’ advantage is that they give you more control over the situation: there are fewer potential handicaps. Also, some people get nervous when they are performing in front of a crowd. For such individuals, it would be easier to compose themselves privately. And the main pro is that you and your partner will be together in this moment. Intimacy is a tool opposite to public performance, and it can really make it special.

A major disadvantage of private proposals is the fact that it will take a lot of work to make them grand and private simultaneously. Also, Paris has most of its potential proposal locations public, so you are restricting yourself from them.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are an important part of the proposal: the symbols of love and devotion. This piece of metal wrapped around the finger shows the partner that you want to transfer your relations into the next phase. So, it is very important to approach the selection of the engagement ring in the most profound way possible. 

The following tips will simplify the process and help you to choose a ring that will not disappoint your bride:

  1. Know your woman’s preferences. Before rushing into the jewelry shop to buy the most expensive product, look at what your partner wears. You will know what metals and gems she prefers by checking out her jewelry. As a result, it would be much easier to purchase a ring she likes. But don’t make it too apparent by asking her questions about the ring: the proposal should be a secret.
  2. Price should be a minor factor. Many men are trying to choose an engagement ring with the highest cost. But in reality, you must think about originality and a personalized approach. It is much more delightful when you know that your partner has been trying to choose something special for you: that nobody else has.
  3. Consider making a private order from a jeweler. To make the ring truly unique, you can share the image of it with the jeweler and ask them to produce it. The personalized work will cost additional funds, but it is all worth it. Your woman will carry the symbol of your love designed by you, and nobody else has the same: isn’t that beautiful?
  4. Make sure that it fits. The ring shouldn’t be too loose or tight on the finger so that she will feel no discomfort. Examine her other rings to define the size you need.

Take each of those steps seriously, and we are sure you will come up with a great ring choice. Remember, it will stay with her till the end of her life: make it special!

Best Places to Propose in Paris: Searching for the Most Romantic Places

Where to propose in Paris? Once you are done with a ring and decide which proposal format you like the most, it’s time to choose a location. Even though our list might make you face a hard choice, remember that you need to think about both of you. Recall all the places that your woman enjoyed and why she liked them. And so, based on that knowledge, choose one of the following spots:

The Eiffel Tower

Proposal in Paris Eiffel Tower is a classic of romance. Every woman dreams of visiting this marvelous humanity’s wonder, but not everyone dares to imagine uniting with her dear there. Thus, you have a real chance to put your beloved into the fairytale and make this moment stay forever in her mind. 

But remember that proposing in Paris Eiffel Tower is common practice. Thousands of couples from all over the world visit it annually to enter a new stage of relations. The tower is a beautiful piece of architectural work, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by the flourishing Tour Eiffel Garden. 

Terrass” Rooftop Bar

You know, there is something magical happening in people’s minds when they see the Paris city view. So why don’t you turn this moment into the time of proposing? Book a table at the Bar 7th Terrass Hotel before sunset and prepare your engagement ring.

This bar/hotel not only allows you to taste some of the best foods and drinks in France but also has a stunning view of the entire Paris. When she sees a beautiful sunset with the Eiffel Tower, and then you expose a ring, she has no choice but to say “yes.”

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Another wonderful place for a proposal in Paris is the Avenue des Champs-Élysées with an Arc de Triomphe at its peak. The avenue is known for its grand view that opens when you stay in front of the Arc. The location starts to shine with new colors once the night falls and the lights turn bright.

A good idea for a Paris proposal would be to take your beloved for a walk and gradually build your way to the Arc. And once you are beneath the Arc de Triomphe, it would be a perfect moment for proposing a speech.

Disneyland Paris

Even though some might consider Disneyland a childish place, it can be magical for couples. Many women have sweet memories of heart-warming Disney cartoons, often featuring love stories. Thus, once they enter a famous park, they will be embraced by the atmosphere of fairy tales and miracles: just what we need. Additionally, before you get a ring out, both of you can have a full day of fun enjoying famous attractions in the park. And finally, you can reach an iconic Disney castle that looks stunning at night to propose.


Interestingly, proposals in Paris are rarely taking place in a spectacular Montmartre. Still, it is a wonderful spot on the hill, full of narrow streets and a famous Sacre-Coeur Basilica at the top. Due to its magnificent views, Montmartre was always attracting artists throughout history and did to this day.

If you want to organize your Paris proposal in Montmartre, consider reaching the foot of Sacre-Coeur at night. As you would have already guessed, it is the best time to enjoy Paris.

Café Guitry

If you seek a public yet not that crowded proposal Paris spot, Café Guitry might serve you well. It is a famous cafe that offers classical European cuisine cooked most deliciously. In addition, the restaurant is located at the tip of Eduard VII Square, with his noble statue in the middle.

Once you walk out of the Café Guitry, you will be encircled by grandiose buildings with grand columns. So if you want to sprinkle your proposal with a feeling of magnificence, this cafe will work for you.

Pont De Bir Hakeim

Pont De Bir Hakeim is a two-level bridge used for both metro and cars, but people can also walk through: and so you with your beloved. You do that because of the wonderful view of the Seine river, greenish parks, and the Eiffel Tower.

There are better places to propose in Paris than this bridge if you seek a quiet corner, where your voice will be the only thing she hears. But if you are ready to sacrifice the silence, the bridge will become a magical symbol of the new life together.

Interesting fact: Due to the beauty of the Pont De Bir Hakeim, it became a place to shoot movies like Inception, National Treasure, Last Tango In Paris, and others.

Private Places to Propose in Paris

If all of the places mentioned above drive you off cause of the public factor, you should consider more confidential spots:

Hotel Room

The best place to propose in Paris might be the right hotel. By “right,” I mean the one that will expose a wonderful view of the city while offering great services. For example, it should be capable of serving food/drinks in your room quickly.

Private Couch

If you want to get out to the streets of the city of love, consider hiring a couch. Thus, you will cruise through the best locations in Paris privately and can expose the ring once you feel the moment. Also, you can choose the couch route yourself, making it even more special.

Private Boat

Seine river remains an incredible option for private proposals in Paris. Additionally, it opens up tens of Paris photography ideas proposals can have (discussed in the next paragraph). You are just required to get a boat and grab some delicious food and drinks. And if you want to play big, hire a musician.

Private Rooftop

Paris Photographer for Your Proposal

Even though a moment of the proposal is extremely memorable, time still washes away some of its details over time. So to make this special moment last forever, not only in your heart but in the physical realm, we use photography. 

We, more than anyone else, understand how challenging it is to find out who is the best Paris proposal photographer, and we could offer you our services.

Julia Litvin is a fantastic proposal photographer in Paris who knows how to catch all your precious moments in the shot. Julia is highly passionate about photo sessions of lovers, and she has been practicing them her entire career. Love, joy, and passion are the aspects that she is trying to convey through her work. 

Hire Julia Litvin by finding the “Contacts” button at the upper right of the display and following the simple instructions. Important: You can exclusively get a little discount for the session by filling out the contact form on this website.

Working with a professional photographer entails many benefits: 

  • You can tailor the final result. Pro photographers are masters of using software tools to shape their projects differently. So if you want to make your photos look vintage or paint them in popular teal-orange: photographer Julia Litvin can easily do it.
  • Make a story out of photos. A professional photographer always strives to connect all the pictures into a single story. This effect is achieved by capturing the sequence of the emotions in photos.
  • Professional organization. Julia Litvin photographer is a pro who knows what she needs for a session in advance. It allows you to waste no time and get as many high-quality photos as possible.

The main benefit of proposing during a photo session is that you can go back to this remarkable point of your life again and again. Photos are capable of evoking feelings much stronger than just a memory. In addition, you can share them with your other family members and even your kids in the future. Thus, you can avoid boring stories and show a visually captured proposal with the help of Julia Litvin proposal photographer in Paris.

Best Proposal Ideas

Drawing on what we said above, we can part proposal ideas in Paris into the following sections: 

  1. Eiffel Tower Proposal. Let the magnificence of the great Eiffel Tower be the witness of your proposal. You can start the process beneath the tower or get on top of it, where a Paris proposal photographer can shoot compelling photos of your love;
  2. Romantic Dinner on the Rooftop. Consider Bar 7th Terrass Hotel, or find another suitable restaurant on the roof. You and your bride can have a delicious dinner, and then, when the sun goes down, you can start proposing. But be ready for people’s attention, and applause, of course.
  3. Proposal with a Musician. Music is one of those peculiarities capable of charming people’s hearts, so you can use its magic during a proposal. Just hire a musician (violin is the best), choose a composition, and set them in the right place. Almost any spot we mentioned above (besides hotel rooms) will suit fine for the musical performance.
  4. Proposal on a Boat. The Seine is the famous river that goes through half of France and pierces through Paris. The river passes by the Notre Dame de Paris, Eiffel Tower, Pont de Bir Hakeim, and other marvelous places. So why don’t you take advantage of them by organizing a proposal on the Seine boat? Just get a bottle of wine and some fluffy croissants, and prepare for an important moment in your life. And don’t forget to hire a proposal photographer in Paris to memorize everything.
  5. Private Dinner Proposal. Booking a private dinner spot is a solid choice for guys who value privacy, but there are better choices for Paris ideas for photography proposals. With this option, you will get delicious food and an intimate atmosphere. But make sure to enjoy the food before proposing, as the rain of emotions can turn the appetite off.

As you see, Paris is quite a diverse city for choosing a proposal method. But disregarding how you want to approach this memorable moment, you can choose an idea that is perfect for you.

How to Order Paris Proposal Packages

Instead of planning your proposal alone, you can pass this task to professionals. Ordering a Paris proposal package has plenty of benefits:

  • We will devise a concept. The professional team has vast experience in creating proposal packages. So planners can create outstanding concepts where they will thoughtfully approach even little details like your clothes and even participants.
  • You will be presented with a list of ideas. Planner offers you the most optimal Paris proposal packages, so you can choose the one you like most.
  • Time-efficiency. Creating a full proposal plan might take too much of your time. Please transfer that energy into something more important, like choosing a ring. So to free yourself from that, get a package.

Purchase Julia Litvin photo session services, and the whole concept and plan will be devised in just seven days. In addition, she has a couple of package types that she can personalize for your desires. The one that suits the proposal the most is the “Love story,” allowing you to catch all your tender feelings on the camera roll.  

“Love Story” has a couple of formats at different prices:

  • Standard Edition. Lasts 1 hour; the estimated photo amount is 60-80 pcs; the price is 250 euros.
  • Premium. Lasts 3 hours; the estimated amount of pcs is 120-140; the price is 600 euros.

Check out the photos from the “Love story” packages on the corresponding website section to know what to expect.


  • How Much Does a Paris Proposal Photographer Cost?

    The average cost of hiring a proposal photographer in Paris ranges from 200 to 650 euros.

  • Where to Propose in Paris?

    The most popular locations and ideas for proposals in Paris were presented in this article, just choose one.

  • What’s Included in a Paris Proposal Package?

    Julia’s proposal package includes the creation of a concept/idea, advice on the preparation and choosing of clothes, the photo shoot, and editing.

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