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The Louvre in Paris is not only a gigantic number of exhibits. The history and architecture of one of the most popular public spaces in the French capital are as important as any of its collections. Unsurprisingly, every Louvre photoshoot is flashy, unique, and gorgeous. But how to conduct a photo shoot in such a crowded place? There are several ideas for photography at the Louvre that you will get acquainted with now.

Quick and Beautiful Photos Outside the Louvre

The museum consists of four buildings. For ease of navigation, each is referred to as a “wing” named after a prominent figure in French history. It consists of two parts: old and new. This is its charm and opportunity for Louvre photography because you can easily find a place or choose a frame where the main actors will be photographed here and now. In addition, you can choose a good time of day. The ideal time is sunrise when almost no people will be around. So, where to begin?

1. Pyramid of the Louvre

This glass pyramid is a kind of entrance to the museum, ideal for the first page of a photo album, photo presentation, and just a good frame. The advantage of the Glass Pyramid is that it is visible from almost all angles, which allows it to be included in the photo as both the central place and the secondary one. Of course, with a focus on people. For an enhanced experience, consider Julia Litvin’s Paris Portrait Photography services to capture these moments with professional skills.

2. Marly Horses

Finding a good shot will not be easy since Marly Horses are not located in a very convenient place for photographs. But you can create a story around them, especially if you photograph a couple, about two opposites that look like one. So, there can be a lot of ideas and philosophy.Julia Litvin’s event photography can help to creatively capture these intricate details, adding depth to your photos.

3. Photo Near Huge Doors and Windows

The architecture of the Louvre is filled with gigantism and the grandeur of the era, which is why photos near the huge arched entrance or equally large windows fill up quite a few photographers’ checklists. Against their background, it is easy to convey how tiny a person can be compared to culture and art.

The museum consists of four buildings. For ease of navigation, each is referred to as a “wing” named after a prominent figure in French history. It consists of two parts: old and new. Therefore, you will have 4 different options to take a photo.

Photography at The Louvre With Exhibits

We move inside the museum. In addition to the obligatory acquaintance with the exhibitions and recognized world masterpieces, do not forget to devote time to the building itself. It is a unique architectural monument, and it is easy to spend a whole day here just to admire the ensemble. It is physically impossible to visit the museum in one day. It will take you a week to quickly walk through all the halls without stopping at any works of art. But still, for Louvre museum photography, you need to choose something ideal for the moment the camera clicks.

1. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is the most popular, famous exhibit, attracting tourists daily. To make a successful photo with a mysterious woman art, you either need to be very lucky or wait until the last minutes of the museum closing so that the crowd disperses and there is a chance for a successful photo. It is also placed under glass, making it difficult to select angles due to inappropriate light. But despite all this, the Mona Lisa is an integral part of the photo shoot.

2. Venus de Milo

Taking a photo with the second most famous exhibit of the Louvre is one of the best ideas since Venus is more “free” for photos. While most tourists are trying to photograph the Mona Lisa, you will have a chance to capture yourself next to or in front of the goddess of beauty from Greece

3. Gallery d’Apollo

When you first look at the Galerie d’Apollo, you can immediately discard ideas about the Mona Lisa and other paintings since all that will surround you is gold and no less stunning interiors. Paintings hang from ceiling to wall, and the abundance of gold, marble, and sculptures on the ceiling will fill any photo with a unique exposure. Every step takes you to a new place, which will be nice to watch live and in a photo frame.

4. Amore e Psiche

This is one of the favorite statues for couples photos. Amore e Psiche rarely attracts attention since more famous paintings are a little further away. So, if you’re lucky, you might even be the only one who admires her and takes a photo. Another advantage of the statue is that it is not stuck to the wall, so you can walk around it from all sides, look at more ideas for photos, and enjoy.

5. Apartments of Napoleon III

Under no circumstances should you miss the chambers of Napoleon III. The Louvre was once a royal residence, but there are no interiors left in which the kings lived. The only thing that reminds us of former luxury is the apartments of Napoleon III. Of course, you won’t be able to sit on chairs or at a table (although everyone wants this), but enjoying the luxury and capturing yourself around it is a great idea. In the Apartments of Napoleon III, there is no square meter without decoration:

  • painting,
  • ornaments,
  • sculptures,
  • porcelain and gold tableware. 

There will also be many people here, but the photographer can always catch a good moment in a second.

6. Ground Floor

On the ground floor, you can see the fortifications of the Old Louvre (the medieval fortress was destroyed, and a modern palace was erected in its place). These ruins were only found at the end of the 19th century and have only been open to visitors since the mid-1980s. Of course, this idea can be discarded if you are unafraid to go down to the ground floor. But as practice shows, the fewest number of tourists go there, so there will be a much wider range of ideas for photos.In capturing these unique aspects of the Louvre, Julia Litvin’s Paris Portrait Photography can add a professional and creative touch to your photos.

7. Corridors of the Louvre

To some extent, every stone, door, and slab in the Louvre is a unique exhibit. Then why not take advantage of these? Near every painting, statue, or other work of art, there are a lot of ideas for photos. Look straight in front of you – you will see the same huge windows but with magnificent curtains. Walk a little further, look up, and you will see unique frescoes, centuries-old marble staircases, and glass ceilings. Every Louvre photoshoot will be much more chic and unique than a photo with the Mona Lisa (although a photo with Giaconda is the dream of many).

But there is one detail worth knowing before the Louvre photoshoot: the photographer must remove the flash on the camera before photo shooting. Why? Perhaps this can somehow spoil the appearance and authenticity of the paintings that tourists photograph daily (except on Tuesday). There are also signs near some exhibits that prohibit photography. Therefore, ask whether the photographer you are working with knows about this. If not, warn them so your photo shoot does not end with a ban from the Louvre or a fine.

Anti-ideas for Louvre Photography

Despite the many cultural treasures in the Louvre, not all are ideal for romantic or wedding photo shoots. First of all, these Gothic sculptures stand out for their gloom and tragedy, and it is difficult to depict happiness around them. For example:

  • “The Tombstone of Philip Poe” shows hooded mourners carrying a fallen warrior’s body.
  • Hammurabi’s code of laws.
  • The Dying Slave” by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

They are of more historical than aesthetic value. There may be many more examples, but anything can be suitable for a beautiful photo, even corridors, as mentioned above.


In conclusion, a photoshoot at the Louvre offers an extraordinary opportunity to create stunning and memorable photographs against a backdrop of unparalleled art and architecture. Whether it’s capturing the magic of iconic artworks or the grandeur of the museum’s halls, the Louvre presents a canvas like no other. For those looking to add an extra touch of romance and professional finesse to their photos, exploring our couple photography services is an excellent choice. Visit our ‘Book Now’ page to schedule a photoshoot with our skilled photographer, who can elevate your Louvre experience, ensuring that your photos are not just pictures, but treasured memories that beautifully reflect your time in Paris.


  • Do I need to pay for permission to take photographs at the Louvre?

    No. All you need to spend is €20 for a ticket, and you can take photos anywhere and as long as you want (as long as the museum is open).

  • Can I take pictures at the Louvre every day?

    This is a good idea, but the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays. Instead, you can use this day to take photos outdoors or on the streets of Paris.

  • Why are there always so many people near the Mona Lisa?

    Many people want to include this masterpiece in their tour of Louvre museum photography, plus it is precisely because of it that a large number of tourists come here.

  • What is the ideal time for a Louvre photoshoot?

    Late autumn and winter are usually characterized by fewer tourists. Plus, you can visit the museum on a weekday, then there will definitely be fewer visitors and more photo “opportunities.”

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