Family Photo Shoot in Paris

Create beautiful memories with your loved ones with a family photo session. Our experienced photographers specialize in capturing the joy and love of your family, creating images that you’ll treasure for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a traditional portrait session or a more playful and candid experience, we’ll work with you to create a personalized session that reflects your family’s unique personality and style. We understand how important it is to capture these precious moments, and we’re dedicated to creating images that tell your family’s story. Let’s create a beautiful collection of family photos that you’ll love and cherish forever. Contact us today to schedule your family photo session with our talented team of photographers.

Paris family photo shoot

Family Photoshoot Paris Price


  • Advice on how to prepare for the photo shoot, help in choosing a location and clothing for all participants
  • 1 hour shooting
  • Editing of all successful photos (~60-80pcs): author's editing , color correction, cropping
  • Ready photos in 14 days
  • Private online gallery for view and sharing
  • Ability to order prints directly from our platform
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  • Advice on how to prepare for the photo shoot, help in choosing a location and clothing for all participants
  • 2 hours of shooting
  • Editing of all successful photos (~120-140 pcs): author's editing , color correction, cropping
  • Ready photos in 10 days
  • Private online gallery for view and sharing
  • Ability to order prints directly from our platform
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  • Advice on how to prepare for the photo shoot, help in choosing a location and clothing for all participants
  • 3 hours of shooting
  • Editing of all successful photos (~180-200 pcs): author's editing, color correction, cropping
  • Ready photos in 7 days
  • Private online gallery for view and sharing
  • Ability to order prints directly from our platform
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Addtional services

  • New

    Dress rental

    150 €

    Rent a dress for your photo shoot for 1 hour. More information, and a selection of dresses on the page

  • most popular

    Makeup & Hairstyle

    250 €

    Our Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist will create a bright and unique image for any shoot. The purpose of having your hair & makeup professionally styled for your shoot isn’t to make you look like someone you’re not - it’s all about highlighting your natural beauty, providing you with a camera-ready look, and giving you that extra little confidence boost right before your shoot.

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    Express photo delivery

    150 €

    Fast editing within 3 days

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    Bouquet of flowers

    150 €

    Elevate your photo session with our exquisite Parisian Floral Bouquets, handpicked and arranged by local florists.

Why should you have a family shooting in Paris?

You should do a family photo shoot for these reasons:

  • It’s a great memory. You can capture a pregnant woman or shoot a young mother with a child, capture a time while a daughter or son is still growing up, a period of the beginning of family life, or a year since the couple began dating.
  • A good way to show those around you what they don’t usually notice is a change of image. You can create an image that you will want to strive for.
  • Beautiful family photo shoots are necessary for posterity. The pictures are a bridge from the past to the future. We all age and irrevocably change. That’s why a timely portrait is essential.
  • A family photoshoot is a great way to bring all your loved ones together. It is a collaborative process that rallies together.
  • The family will likely enjoy an adequately organized photo shoot. It’s an exciting activity that the photographer approaches not formally but with the client’s personality in mind. We are ready to take the time to talk about more wishes, book the hall, contact a makeup artist, and help choose to clothe. The shooting itself in the photo studio or working in another setting will be a more exciting process than it seems at first glance, a real game.
  • A family photoshoot in Paris is a great way to capture that moment and have time when the child is still young. After all, people grow up and forget what they were like in their early childhood. And many people care about such photos; they remain very grateful for every shot afterward.
  • Family photo shoots in the studio are the best solution when you need something to post on a personal page or website. Finding the right shot is often a problem, especially when you want to use a classic portrait of good quality. It is only sometimes realistic to take pictures on your own. Therefore, family photos in the studio become a great solution.The reasons can be different. And depending on the goals of taking photos, you can take different approaches. The result will always be of high quality.

How to choose a family photographer?

So, you have decided: you will order the service of photo session for the family. And in this connection, the question begins to arise – what specialist to trust? If you read in detail all the proposals in the market, it is easy to get confused. But there are a few points that will help eliminate doubt and choose “your” family photographer:

  • Portfolio. Any reputable professional will always let you look at the work they’ve done. Of course, the use of photos as promotional material occurs only with the permission of clients. Openness. It is important that the photographer for a family photo session can talk about how everything will happen, what to expect. This allows you to build a relationship of trust, which helps morale for the photo shoot.
  • Testimonials. They help not only to understand the quality of photos, proportionality of the price, but also to understand how the shooting is done in a particular case, to learn a lot of details. We try to tell what to bring, what will happen during the shooting. But it’s hard to know everything.

It is also important that the family shoot is comfortable for you. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether you can find a common language with the specialist.

How does the family photo shoot: the stages

A family photo shoot takes place according to the following steps:

  1. You enquire for a shooting.  We are geting acquainted, and discuss all details about photoshoot .
  2. After discussion you are doing advance payment, you should do a 20% prepayment of the final amount. Only after this part  i will reserve your desired time for you,so it is better not to be late.
  3. Preparation. To make everything go as well as possible, the photographer comes in advance, sets up the equipment. The client can also arrive in advance with his team of stylists or makeup artists.
  4. Shooting. On the agreed date we meet with you on chosen location, and start. The main thing is to relax and have fun.
  5. Processing of photos (included in the payment at the standard rate). At a basic level we retouch all the photos. Deeper processing – 10-20 photos, it depends on the selected rate. The number of photos for processing can be increased for a surcharge.
  6. Completion of work. In 2 weeks after shootings photos are sent to cloud storage on the drive, in a specially created folder.

Additional services

A quality shot is not a fluke, but the result of careful preparation. It includes:

  • Selection of family clothing for the photo shoot. If necessary, you can rent them.
  • Selection of makeup. It should be bright, suitable for your face color scheme, with an accent on the eyes. It is worth removing minor skin imperfections with cosmetics – so retouching will take less time. Hair should be styled to your liking or loose. Make sure that nothing sticks out.
  • Consultation. The photographer explains what needs to be done.
  • Selection of decor and props. The booked hall can be decorated in advance. Proper decorating is an important step in preparation. A child as a prop can take cars, balls, rackets, even soap bubbles. A book or flowers will suits for adults.

Preparation for  Family photo session

In order for the family photo shoot to be successful, you need to consider a few things in preparation:

  • Use neutral clothes or sets of pastel colors without bright spots and large drawings that distract attention from the face.
  • Get a good night’s sleep beforehand. That way your skin tone will be better.
  • Let your hair loose or do a hairstyle that suits you.
  • When picking out things, apply the 3 color rule.
  • Make sure that the clothes of all family members are in harmony with each other.
  • When choosing items, examine them in a bright light. So there is a better chance to see stains, scuffs, and lint.
  • Take things that you feel comfortable in.
  • Makeup should be bright. Preferably make it a few tones brighter than the daytime.
  • Clothing should fit the concept of the photo shoot. Evening dresses in nature look strange, as well as tracksuits in a festive environment.
  • Jewelry should not contain anything glaring.


The calculation is divided into 2 stages:

  • Prepayment of 20% for reservation of your time and date.
  • The rest of payment should be done  after the shooting   You can pay in cash or by card (instant transfer).

A gift certificate for a family photo shoot

You can come to us with a gift certificate for a family photo shoot. A great way to make yourself and your loved ones feel good.

It will be a beautifully designed certificate that you can use at any time.
You only need to make a couple of clicks to purchase one

Frequently Asked Questions

What are best places for a family photo session in Paris?

There are a lot of good places in our beautiful City, you could read more in this article,

If you are looking for the best view on the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero is definitely the place to go for your family photoshoot.

How many hours does a family photo shoot last?

It depends on what locations the clients want to visit. Usually, the photo session lasts 1-2 hours, which is enough to take pictures in two main areas, near several places like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.  Longer than two hours are ordered for those who also want to visit other locations, the Arc de Triomphe, Luxembourg Park, and others. I will be happy to suggest you beautiful locations for all occasions!

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