Take a trip to Paris and allow yourself to be swept up in the energy and excitement of the “city of eternal beauty” with great dining, world-class museums, iconic attractions, Eiffel Tower and much more. So come be a part of it all and remember it forever.

We’ve all been there. You’re exploring by yourself — or maybe with a relative, friend or partner — and you really want a beautiful shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

You wait around until you find someone who looks like they wouldn’t mind pausing their day to take your photo (not always easy in Paris!) Unfortunately, the stranger isn’t camera savvy, and you get a blurry shot with your head cut out of frame. You then awkwardly pull out your selfie stick, which leads to virtually 100 of the same mediocre trip pictures.
Not anymore.
Your photographer will direct your tour’s photo shoot so you look your best in every shot, though you can feel free to add your own creative spin, too!


  • take sunset photos at the eiffel tower

Experience Paris, the “city of eternal beauty,” through the lens of Julia Litvin, your dedicated vacation photographer. From culinary delights to iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, every moment becomes a timeless memory.

Struggling to capture the perfect shot against the Eiffel Tower backdrop? Julia Litvin ensures you have high-quality, memorable images that truly reflect your Parisian adventure.

Your Vacation Photographer in Paris:

Explore Paris confidently, knowing every moment is beautifully captured. Julia Litvin orchestrates a tailored photo shoot, capturing your essence against Parisian wonders. Cherish your memories with stunning, professionally taken photographs.

Paris Couple Photographer for Your Vacation:

Planning a romantic escape? Trust Julia Litvin as your Paris couple photographer. Enjoy a personalized photo session that perfectly encapsulates your love amidst the enchanting Parisian ambiance.

Ensure your Parisian moments are flawlessly preserved by choosing Julia Litvin as your vacation photographer. Say goodbye to ordinary travel photos and embrace a collection of extraordinary memories crafted by a skilled professional.

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