If you don’t like big events. So you can haеve a fun, sweet and casual trip to Paris with an intimate ceremony in the Luxembourg Gardens or near the Eiffel Tower!

Love story photoshoot Magnificent Paris, tipical streets of France, many kisses and hugs.


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Indulge in the magic of love in the heart of Paris with Julia Litvin, your dedicated Paris proposal and anniversary photographer.

  • Learn More About Anniversary Photoshooting: Celebrate the milestones of your love story with a captivating anniversary photoshoot. From the magnificent streets of Paris to the intimate corners of France, our sessions are designed to capture the essence of your journey, filled with kisses, hugs, and the timeless charm of your connection.

At Julia Litvin Photography, we specialize in turning your love story into a visual masterpiece. Discover more about our proposal and anniversary services, and let us create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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