A business lifestyle photoshoot needn’t be conservative and boring, but you still need to convey professionalism to potential clients.

Hire a Parisian photographer for a short & fun photoshoot to capture your vacation, proposal, business, individual, bachelorette, engagement, babymoon, or family photography!

Paris really knows how to live. Few cities in the world boast this much high brow art, cuisine, and shopping. Galleries, tapas bars, and music clubs are on Paris’s must-do list. Spend the afternoon in the Louvre De Trample gardens Park Belleville, then enjoy a night of photoshooting at the Paris streets.


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Elevate your photography experience with Julia Litvin Photography, where we go beyond the ordinary to offer unique and diverse services that cater to every occasion.

  • Our Dress for Your Photosession: Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Paris with our exclusive dress rental service. Choose from a curated collection of exquisite dresses, tailored for various photoshoots, whether it’s a romantic engagement, a family portrait, or a bachelorette celebration.
  • Flying Dress Photoshoot for You: Experience the magic of a flying dress photoshoot against the iconic backdrop of Paris. Let the wind carry the elegance of the dress, creating a whimsical and ethereal atmosphere, resulting in truly captivating and unique images.

Julia Litvin Photography is your partner in capturing the essence of every moment, from business and individual photoshoots to unforgettable flying dress sessions and the perfect dress for any occasion. Book your session today and let us bring your vision to life in the enchanting streets of Paris.

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