Photographer in Paris

my name is Julia Litvin

I am a professional photographer. My photos are a reflection of sincere emotions:
joy and a happy moment that will never happen again.
Film It is they who are love, frozen in space and time for centuries.


About me

My name is Julia. I have been working as a professional photographer for a long time. Photography for me is one of the ways to feel this world, understand it and accept it.

My motto is “If photography, then only for love.” And I really sincerely love my work, giving it all the fibers of my soul.

Of all that man has created, only a photograph can record the passing moments. And even if something has escaped your memory forever, a photo can take you back to the moment when you were happy, laughing, thinking about something or feeling a little sad. After all, it keeps feelings and emotions in the frame and makes it possible to feel them again. That is why I am so attracted to the art of photography.

In the frame, I always catch naturalness, freedom, fullness and life in the moment, brightness and light. I like photographs that reflect people’s moods, their thoughts and feelings. If you love all the same, I think we will understand each other.

Professional Photography Rates and Packages in Paris

Proposal Photography

Proposal Photography

A perfect photo session of a proposal in Paris can capture the moments dear to your heart and forever remember the birth of your little family. What could be better than making your proposal at the most famous monument in Paris? There are so many brilliant views in the French capital that will make a great addition to your marriage proposal!

Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is exactly what will allow you to be transported back to your special day again and again. Photos and videos taken during the photo shoot will show the moments that made you feel good. It is important that this process is handled by a professional who has experience in the business.

Personal photo session

Personal photo session

Personal photo session is one of the types of professional photography. Usually, such a service is ordered to add photos to a portfolio, share them on social networks or put them on your website.

Love story

Love story

Love story photo session is a sincere expression of love of two people, captured in photographs. In terms of format, such a photo shoot is the sweetest and most romantic of all.

Business photoshoot

Business photoshoot

Good business photography is one of the components of successful business development. Customers want to get to know YOU as they order a product or service from you.

Family photo session

Family photo session

Family photo session allows you to capture happy moments spent with your family in pictures. It can be held in honor of a holiday or just like that.

My advantages

Work Expirience

Work experience

I have been working as a versatile photographer for over two years now. During this time, I managed to accumulate the most valuable photography skills in various conditions and locations.

Affordable price for photoshooting in Paris Book Fall

Affordable price

All my photography and image processing services are relatively inexpensive and accessible to almost every person in Paris.

Smiling Smile Smils


I always try to give the process an appropriate atmosphere. Positive emotions always accompany a good result.

High Speed

High speed

I always try to quickly transfer the footage from the camera to digital media, perform preliminary processing and give the finished frames to the client.

Quickly Processing In Photoshooting France Paris Eiffel Tower

Quality processing

All materials are pre-processed. I remove defective and unsuccessful takes, make color, light and shadow adjustments.

High quality

With the help of modern and professional technology and, of course, talent, I succeed in really bright and juicy pictures.

Answers the questions

What you need to know about a professional photographer?

The profession of a photographer is very popular and in demand these days. There are many glossy magazines filled with suggestions from a wide variety of photography people. But how do you know how well they do their job? After all, not all people with an expensive camera in their hands can take good pictures and call themselves a professional.

A professional photographer should not only be able to capture a beautiful shot, but also not miss its emotions, live communication and naturalness. He must have his own individual and unique style of shooting, as well as be able to liberate people and make them feel comfortable.

How to choose a photographer for a holiday?

Any holiday cannot be repeated again, and therefore a photographer must be chosen wisely.

First of all, it is best to refer to the portfolio of a photography master. The style of all his work should inspire you, not just suit your preferences. Answer yourself to the question: Do you dream of the same bright and high-quality photos? If so, feel free to make an appointment.

In addition to the quality of the photo, personal communication with the photographer is important. After all, during a photo session, you should be comfortable with him. As the saying goes, you must be on the same page with him.

How much do my services cost?

The price of services is an important factor when choosing a photography master. After all, all people have different financial capabilities.

All relevant information regarding the cost of my work is presented in the Prices section .

We will be at the photo session for the first time. Can you tell us where to look and what poses to take?

Of course, I always talk to my clients when taking pictures. I tell them how to get up, what to do, where to look. While doing this, I have a casual conversation so that clients are not constrained. Thus, the photos are of high quality and natural.

How long before the estimated date of shooting do you need to sign up for it?

The sooner you decide to sign up for a shoot, the more likely it is that I will definitely find the time for it. Of course, some are signing up for tomorrow, and even today. However, the most optimal time is 14 days.

Do I need to make an advance payment?

Yes, I only work on a prepaid basis. The minimum advance payment that you have to make is 20%. She insures me against unscrupulous clients who have booked shooting hours and for some reason did not come.

Are all photographs taken during the shoot being processed?

I add color correction to all my good shots. I subject the best and high-quality photos to deep and detailed processing.

In what format do you deliver photos to clients?

It all depends on the preferences of the client himself and the type of shooting. If you can get the pictures over the Internet, I will send you a link to Google Drive or send them in Telegram with a photo in jpeg format. All wedding photos I give on a beautifully designed flash card, which is beautifully engraved.

How many total photos can you get as a result?

The minimum number of pictures taken during one photo session is 40. As a rule, their average number varies from 40-70 frames. In wedding photography, of course, there will be many more.

Do you give your clients raw photographs (originals)?

No, I only upload color-corrected and retouched images to digital media or Google Drive.

Will my photos or photos of my family be included in your portfolio?

Yes, I post some of my favorite pictures on my website in thePortfolio section  . However, I never do this without the permission of the clients.

How long after shooting do you give your photos to clients?

It all depends on the agreement with the client and the type of shooting. Usually I give ready-made pictures from family, love story and individual photo sessions in 7-14 days. If we are talking about wedding photography and a photo album, then you will have to wait about a month.

What equipment do you use for work?

I use a professional Canon EOS R camera and a variety of lenses.

How long have you been doing photography?

As an amateur, I have been doing photography since the age of 14. But as a professional who takes money for his work – since 2018.

Do you know good photo studios in Paris?

Yes, I know  Paris photo studios with interesting designs. If you need shots in them, I am happy to recommend you proven places in which I often shoot.

Do you conduct outdoor photo sessions?

Yes, I can go anywhere in the city of Paris and shoot where the client prefers. If you want to shoot outside of Paris, then I take additional transport costs.

Do I conclude a contract with clients for my work?

No, I do not draw up a contract for ordinary types of photography with clients. The only exception is a wedding photo session.