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10 Enchanting Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Romantic Things to Do in Paris
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10 Romantic Things in Paris for Unforgettable Memories

Bonjour to all the lovebirds out there! As Julia Litvin, a devoted Paris-based photographer, I’m here to sprinkle a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ on your romantic escapades in this city that pulses with amour. Immerse yourselves in the 10 Romantic Things in Paris for Unforgettable Memories with my personal twist – ensuring you leave not just with heartwarming experiences but also with those moments captured beautifully forever.

Go For A Romantic Dinner At The Eiffel Tower’s Restaurant

As you dine in the skies at the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant, let the flavors of France dance on your palate. And why not remember the night with more than just a mental souvenir? An elegantly captured photograph of the toast between you two can say ‘je t’aime’ in more ways than one.

Take A Sunset Cruise Along The Seine River

Float down the Seine as the day gives way to dusk, and let the city’s enchantment envelop you. The water glimmers with the reflection of historic monuments—a spectacle best immortalized with an engagement photoshoot that I can subtly craft into a tale of your romance.

Snap A Selfie At The Love Lock Bridge

While the padlocks have gone, the essence of everlasting love still clings to the air at the Love Lock Bridge. Let me help you capture that perfect selfie—with the city’s aura in the background, it’s an image that promises to be as timeless as your bond.

Watch The Twinkling Lights Of The Eiffel Tower

No romantic trip to Paris is complete without admiring the Eiffel Tower’s nightly sparkle. Amidst this magical backdrop, a spontaneous couple photoshoot can seize the twinkle in your eyes, mirroring the tower’s own shimmer.

Visit The “I Love You” Wall

The “I Love You” Wall in Montmartre is a testament to the universal language of love. Here, let’s create a visual love letter, a photo with your entwined hands against the mural, celebrating your unique love story.

Picnic At The Banks Of The Seine River Or At One Of The Many Beautiful Paris Parks

Picture a leisurely picnic in the lush settings of Paris, from the vibrant banks of the Seine to the quaint nooks of its parks. This is where candid shots come to life, capturing laughter and serene exchanges—a specialty of mine to capture these unstaged moments.

Go On A French Pastry Tour

Delight in a pastry tour and savor each other’s company as much as the treats. These sweet moments of indulgence are ones I love to capture, showing the world that sometimes love can be just as sweet as the most decadent éclair.

Rent A Boat And Cruise Along The Lakes In Bois De Boulogne Parc

A boat ride in the serene Bois de Boulogne offers a private retreat into nature. It’s an intimate setting that calls for an equally intimate memento, perhaps a serene shot from the shore, a moment in time where the world is just the two of you.

Visit The Musée De La Vie Romantique (Museum Of Romantics)

Explore the quiet corridors of the Musée de la Vie Romantique and let the romance of yesteryears envelop you. A photograph among the museum’s treasures can become a testament to your own living, breathing love story.

Schedule A Couple’s Photoshoot Around The Major Photo Spots In Paris

And of course, as we meander through the iconic sites of Paris, why not immortalize your journey? A couple’s photoshoot around these photogenic locales isn’t just about the images—it’s about capturing the essence of your relationship amidst the heart of Paris.

In conclusion, Paris is not just about the places; it’s the moments and the feelings they evoke. As a photographer, I’m honored to help you capture these threads of memories, weaving them into the tapestry of your love story. For those enchanted romantic things to do in Paris are fleeting, but the memories… they can be immortal.


  • How can I spend a romantic time in Paris?

    Romantic moments in Paris are created through experiences like sharing a kiss under the Eiffel Tower, a leisurely stroll through Montmartre, or a quiet moment over a café au lait in a hidden bistro.

  • What is the most romantic part of Paris?

    Montmartre takes the crown with its bohemian ambiance and stunning city views, though every corner of Paris can become ‘the spot’ when you’re with the one you love.

  • What is the most romantic thing to do in France?

    From sharing a candlelit meal in a Parisian restaurant to wandering the lavender fields of Provence, romance in France is about enjoying the beautiful surroundings with your beloved.

  • How to surprise your soulmate in Paris?

    Plan a surprise evening that could include a moonlit walk along the Seine, a special photoshoot to commemorate your time in Paris, or tickets to a show in one of the city’s historic theatres.

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